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How to Be Twinning With Your Dog – Some Great Ways

This blog post will show you how to be twinning with your dog. We all know that dogs are awesome, and that they’re always up for a good time! The first way to be twinning is by dressing in matching outfits. You can find some awesome clothes at stores like Target or Walmart, and the best part is these outfits don’t have to cost a lot of money! Another great way is to cook together – there’s nothing more fun than cooking with your pup. In this article, we’ll go over some different ways for you and your favorite canine companion to have fun being twins…

Look for scarfs at your local Target store to keep you and your pup warm this winter! There are a ton of different styles and colors to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that both of you will love.

A simpler way to twin with your dog is by dressing in similar colors. This can be as easy as wearing clothes that are the same color, or even just complementary colors.

If you’re looking for a way to take your twinning to the next level, consider getting matching colored hair ! This can be a lot of fun, and it’ll make you both stand out in a crowd. There are dyes that are safe for dogs , so don’t let that stop you from going for a new color.

Cooking together is one of the easiest ways to have fun being twinning with your dog . You can make anything – as long as your pup isn’t allergic to any ingredients, he or she can join in on the fun! Not only does cooking bring people closer, but it’s also a great way to bond with your furry friend.

If you and your pup are more active people, consider going on hikes together ! There are so many different trails that are perfect for dogs of all sizes, and they’re the best way to get some exercise while enjoying nature.

Another fun activity for you and your pup is going to the beach . Not only will you both have a blast playing in the sand and swimming in the ocean, but you’ll also get to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

If you’re looking for an indoor activity to do with your pup, consider visiting your local pet store! There are usually a lot of events going on, like meet and greets with local pet celebrities or adoption events. You and your pup can also wander around the store and look at all the different kinds of animals available for adoption.

One of the best things about being twinning with your dog is that you can do pretty much anything together! As long as you’re both enjoying yourselves, it doesn’t matter what you do. So get out there and have some fun – your pup will be sure to appreciate it.

What’s in Your Handbag: Fashionable Gadgets You Should Have

What’s in your handbag? Your wallet, keys, cell phone, and lipstick? If you’re anything like me then there are probably a few other things that have found their way into your purse. I can’t help it – I’m always on the go! Gadgets are just another thing to throw in my bag. Here are some of my favorite techy accessories for women who want to remain fashionable while staying connected.

The Apple Watch is the perfect accessory for any woman who wants to stay connected. Not only does it tell time, but it also provides notifications for calls, text messages, and emails. It even has a fitness tracker to help you stay in shape!

Speaking of staying in shape, the Fitbit Flex is another great gadget to have. This little wristband tracks your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. It also monitors your sleep patterns so you can see how well you’re resting.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your hair out of your face while you work out, the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler is perfect for you. It dries your hair so you can quickly get out of the house. Plus, it has a built-in styler to give yourself some waves or curls in seconds!

A smartphone is a must-have for any woman, but if you’re looking for something with a little more power then the Samsung Galaxy S III is perfect. This phone has a quad-core processor and a huge screen. It also has an amazing camera that takes high quality photos and videos.

Another great phone for women is the iPhone. The newest model, the iPhone SE, has a four-inch screen and comes in rose gold. It’s perfect for people who want an affordable iPhone with all of the features of more expensive models.

Then there is also the Kindle Fire HD. This tablet is perfect for reading books, watching movies, or browsing the Internet. Plus, it has a built-in Alexa assistant so you can ask her questions and control your smart home devices.

To help you keep track of your appointments and make sure you never miss a call, the Motorola Bluetooth headset is perfect. This stylish gadget will work with any smartphone and has noise-canceling technology to make sure people can hear what you’re saying on calls.

And of course no handbag would be complete without some perfume! The Kate Spade New York Eau de Parfum Spray is a great choice. It’s not too overwhelming and has hints of grapefruit, pear, sandalwood, musk, violet leaf, vanilla bean, and raspberry in the mix.

No matter what your style, there is a gadget out there that will complement it. So go ahead and add some of these accessories to your handbag – you’ll be glad you did!

The Enchanted Blue Bone: Rules for Stylish Dog Fashion

A dog is a man’s best friend. And what good friends they are! They never judge you, they always listen to your problems, and they’re always there for you when you need them the most. Dogs don’t care if your shirt matches or that your shoes match. They just want to be with their owners and make sure that we’re doing ok at all times. This article is dedicated to helping pet owners dress their dog in an outfit that will get compliments from everyone who sees it!

But before we get started, there are a few things you should know about dressing your dog in style. The first is that not all dogs look good in clothes. Second, some dogs enjoy wearing clothes while others absolutely despise them. So it’s important to do some research and see if your pup enjoys getting decked out before spending any money on an outfit.

Don’ts of Dog Fashion

First, let’s talk about what not to do when it comes to dressing your dog in style…

  • Do not buy clothes that are so tight around the neck or stomach area. If you’re unsure whether a certain outfit will be too tight for your pup, use fabric scissors and cut out holes where the neck and stomach would be to see if it’ll fit.
  • Do not put your dog in clothes that are too small for them. This will only make the outfit look baggy and sloppy on your pup.
  • Do not dress up your dog in a costume that is meant for a human. This includes but is not limited to, superhero costumes, princess dresses, and pretty much any other costume that is meant for a person. These costumes can be dangerous to your dog if worn incorrectly or even cause them pain when they’re tugged on too hard.

Do’s of Dog Fashion

Now that we know the don’ts of dressing your dog up in an outfit, let’s talk about what you should do instead…

  • Do try to get outfits that fit well and aren’t too tight around their neck or stomach. This will make them comfortable while looking stylish at the same time!
  • Do be very careful when choosing a costume for your dog. Make sure that it’s not too tight, doesn’t have any small pieces that could be swallowed and is made out of comfortable materials.
  • Do accessorize! A simple bandana or bowtie can add a lot to an outfit and make your pup look even more stylish than before.

Now go get your pup decked out in style and show the world how fashionable they are! Just be sure to follow these simple do’s and don’ts of dog fashion while doing so.

How To Dress Your French Bulldog To Impress

French Bulldogs are already cute. But if you want them to look cuter and turn heads, then all you need to do is to dress them up. If you want to know how to dress your French Bulldog to impress, here are some ideas.

The Classic Denim Jacket

So you want to dress up your Frenchie like a human. Well, nothing screams modern humans more than denim. The best denim costume you can get your dog is a jacket or hoodie that will make him look cool and cute at the same time. For sure, everyone who sill see him would get impressed. Try to get him a denim jacket with a vintage wash for that classic look. Pick up something made with light materials so he can wear it even when the weather is warm. And keep the bottoms bare. So even if your fur baby needs to heed the call of nature, he (and you) won’t have any problems. Also, you need to pick the right size so your doggie will be comfortable. You don’t want the jacket to be too loose or too tight. You should measure the girth of your dog’s chest before you order.

The Hawaiian Shirt

Summer might be over but if the weather is still warm enough and you want to take your dog to the beach, then the best outfit for him would be a Hawaiian shirt. Get the most colorful shirt that you can find for a maximum head-turning effect. As far as the print is concerned, the more summery, the better. Think large coconut or palm trees, flamingos, sailboats, seashells, etc. And since Hawaiian shirts are generally made with thin fabrics, your doggie will remain cool even if it’s scorching. For a more comfortable shirt, try to look for one that is made with a combination of cotton and polyester. Doggie Hawaiian shirts are very affordable too so you can get several so your dog can wear a different shirt when you take him out. And if you can get the same or similar print for yourself then why not? You two will surely look cute together.

The Mexican Poncho

If you’re looking for something simple and light but is still cute then you can go for a Mexican poncho. What will catch the attention of people are the lively colors of the poncho that will surely complement your dog’s fur. The poncho design is also perfect for dogs who don’t really like to dress up. A poncho is easy to put on a dog. All you need to do is to drape it over him and then secure the poncho in the belly to make sure that it will stay in place. If you can, get the real thing – handmade and made with real Mexican Serape blanket. The poncho can also double as a light raincoat when your dog has to go out if there’s a light drizzle. And since Halloween is just ar0und the corner, you can also use the poncho as your dog’s costume for trick or treating.

Crazy Things That Happen When Living A Fashion Lifestyle

When someone lives a fashion lifestyle, there are a lot of crazy things that can happen, and stealing a penguin can be one of them. When you go out and wear expensive clothes, you would want to post them on social media. Unfortunately, there will be a ton of insecure individuals who are going to bash you and some may even steal your photos and put their faces on them. That would make them save a lot of money since they won’t have to buy the clothes you bought anymore. In addition, it would make them popular with their friends and the people they are trying to impress. It is a good thing you can do something about it when you can just report them. You can also encourage your friends to report them so that there is a big chance that their accounts will be taken down. Nobody likes a poser on social media but there are a lot of lowlifes in this world. You can’t really stop them from doing what they want to do in their lives. There will be times when they go over the edge with their antics though. There are a lot of bored people who don’t really know what they can do in their lives.

Another crazy thing that can happen is you can have your clothes stolen when you least expect it to happen. It can be the person you least expect too. That person could have been bribed by someone and she may not necessarily want to do it. She was just bribed a lot of money to take part in a scheme. When you wear expensive jewelry wherever you go, you will certainly attract a lot of attention. When that happens, a lot of people would want to come up with a plan to take your stuff. If you have the budget, hire a bunch of bodyguards to follow you around like an entourage. It would be worth it because everyone would just change their minds about taking your jewelry off of you. It is one thing to be fashionable and it is another thing to be safe as some people may even follow you to the bathroom.

One unpopular thing that will happen to you when you live a fashion lifestyle would be a lot of people dressing up as you on Halloween. They will think it is not that hard to do and they are right. It would just take a bit of prop to accomplish the feat. After that, you know they would not want to buy expensive stuff just to dress up as someone during Halloween. Last but not the least, there will be brands that would want to do an x deal but they would not want to give cash. They would want to give other stuff and the deals are crazy enough to make you think twice of whether or not you will accept them. It is alright to take your time in deciding though.

How Fashionistas Can Travel In Style

With many people and Non Governmental Organizations realizing the need to protect the interest and support our most beloved and loyal buddies (our pets), this new era of millennials has offered this four-legged friend a special niche to have their comfort and importance.

While discussing the niche, some people have taken their love for pets to the next level. Let us learn a little more about it.

The trend of traveling with your dog came to limelight when Paris Hilton would travel with her Chihuahua wherever she would go. She is a trendsetter, hence this spread like wildfire.

Nowadays traveling with your dog is a lot easier as compared to a decade ago. Although most of us prefer to travel on our vehicle (four-wheeler), most recent videos in the media show people traveling with their pets on motorbikes and scooters, and interestingly the pets seem to enjoy the same.

A recent survey conducted state that about 52% to 54% of dog owners stated that they cant think of traveling anywhere without their four-legged buddy. No wonder you will see the man’s best friend traveling on an airplane, railways, and even on cruises.

No matter what your fashion statement maybe, in today’s date, you can get the right outfit for your four-legged companion as well. Many retailers sell dog clothes right next to human cloaths just to match the style.

A few things that you need to keep in mind while traveling with your dog:

  • Choose the mode of transport to travel keeping in mind the duration of travel, longer distances should be traveled using the fastest mode of transport like airlines.
  • Choose a carrier that is pet friendly and would ensure the safety of your beloved companion.
  • Visit your local veterinarian for a good health check-up (remember some counties require fitness and vaccination records on arrival to allow your dog to enter the country)
  • Make sure your dog is microchipped before you travel anywhere with them, god forbid if your dog separates from you while traveling, this will help you track it down.
  • Tag your dog, with your latest information (like name of your dog, your address and your contact details)

Ways to travel in style with your dog:

  • If you have a favorite sports team, dress yourself up with their jersey and get one for your dog too, you can go overboard buying a cap with holes to pass the ears and make your fur buddy wear it.
  • If you plan to go to the beach, dress your dog in a bright Hawaiian print board shorts, and just don’t forget to put those special sunglasses. And if the weather gets rough, you can always buy and carry those weather-resistant jackets specially designed for your four-legged companion. Keeping it dry all the while.
  • You can dress up your fur-buddy in formals as well should you choose to make that special business trip with it. There is a variety of formal attire available ranging from basic collared suits to tuxedos.

Just remember whatever you choose to do, make your statement with a smile, you will be surprised to know, there is a high possibility you grab the attention of the media not because of you but because of your fur buddy and its attire. So why wait to start exploring.