Cosmetic Essentials Every Household Should Have on Hand

No matter what the occasion calls for, one of the tough things to decide on would be the appropriate selection of beauty products that you’ll purchase through your hard-earned money. The best ones would be the ones that are effective and can be kept at home and carried to different places as well for a quick touch up. So here we’ve compiled a list of the best must-have essentials for skin, makeup and your hair.

Whether it’s your daily office commute, aggressive gym session, common skin issues, dryness, or just fashion, there are skin products that you might have for skin from the beginning to the day’s end. Let’s have a look at the important cosmetic essentials every household should have on hand, and if you don’t have these, it’s best to purchase these at the earliest.

Face Mist/Toner

If you’re one busy bee and forget the skin routine frequently before getting out of the house, a mist/face toner must be in the handbag. It can be applied whenever you want it in the day, whenever you’re looking to get additional moisture. Here the plus point is that these mists contain vitamins, light essential oils along with antioxidants for protection of skin from outdoor harshness/pollution.


This is a recommended essential for instant glam that helps you in looking good throughout the day. You won’t have to worry if your natural lashes aren’t worthy. You can Fake a curly, long, sweeping, voluminous fringe or think with different formulations for instant reach.

Just after applying a few mascara coats you change your lashes from a sparse appearance to a striking one within 30 seconds.


It’s hard to admit the fact that there are a lot of women who haven’t used sunscreen! Despite the fact that dangers of the sun have been documented well, from darkening and sunspots to photoaging and wrinkles.

However, unlike now earlier sunscreens were heavy and greasy. Nowadays, the new-gen formulas are lightweight, and they also pack in other skin benefits as well. From skin lightening, nourishing, and moisturizing to doubling like foundations, it’s best to have the most suitable ones.


This is a fine choice for the outing days when you’re feeling anything but bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. The humble beauty product might have outshone through bright lip matched with cat eyes, but you never know when it would your face complexion appear brighter instantly.

It’s best to have a shade matching the check color when you’ve got a natural flush. Prone to the breakouts? Most women can select a powder formula, and beauties with clear skin must go for a creamy variant.

BB Cream

These have been around since long and they are still considered among the best things to have in beauty and makeup essentials for home and outdoor use. So why are these recommended? Let’s know the reasons. Lightweight coverage building like foundation? Check. It is in place when even you’re sweating a lot? Check. This makes your skin appear flawless and works from inside for making complexion perfect. This provides both features and is an absolute essential to keep with you.

These lovely beauty products are adored by a lot of pretty ladies and quite possibly an independent, bold and accomplished gal such as you won’t be able to live without these.